Volume 6, Number 1, 2022

Preface: Cemil Tunç and Md. Nur Alam
Rana Talha Ahmed and Ayesha Sohail
Approximating the solution of the differential equations with fractional operators

Abdelkrim Salim, Mouffak Benchohra and Jamal Eddine Lazreg
Nonlocal k-generalized ψ-hilfer impulsive initial value problem with retarded and advanced arguments

A. M. A. EL-Sayed, E. M. Hamdallah and Hanaa Ebead
On an initial value problem of a delay-refereed differential equation

Abdulwasea Alkhazzan, Hasib Khan and Osman Tunç
Existence and stability for a system of high order nonlinear boundary value problem with nonlinear φp operator

Nadia Benkhettou, Khalida Aissani, Abdelkrim Salim, Mouffak Benchohra and Cemil Tunç
Controllability of fractional Integro-differential equations with infinite delay and non-instantaneous impulses

A. M. A. El-Sayed, E. M. Hamdallah and Reda Gamal Ahmed
On a nonlinear constrained problem of a nonlinear functional integral equation

Syed Omar Shah and Zubair Khan
Stability in terms of Hyers-Ulam of non-linear Volterra Fredholm integro--delay dynamic system on time scales with fractional integrable impulses

Nazish Iftikhar, Cemil Tunç and Muhammad Bilal Riaz
Fractional study of MHD CNTs Maxwell nanofluid with heat generation, radiation and thermodiffusion

Md. Mohiuddin Zillu and Md. Habibul Bashar
Novel solitary wave and lump wave solution in fluid dynamics


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