Volume 2, Number 2, 2018

Special Issue on Optimization and Feasibility Problems
Dedicated to Professor Yair Censor on the occasion of his 75th birthday

Preface: A. J. Zaslavski

Charles L. Byrne
Auxiliary-function minimization algorithms

Frank Deutsch, Hein Hundal and Ludmil Zikatanov
Some applications of the Hahn-Banach separation theorem
Tommy Elfving
Row and column based iterations
Aviv Gibali and Oleg Kelis
Gradient methods for solving zero-sum linear-quadratic differential games
Dan Gordon
The Cimmino-Kaczmarz equivalence and related results
Elias S. Helou, Gabor T. Herman, Chuan Lin and Marcelo V. W. Zibetti
Superiorization of preconditioned conjugate gradient algorithms for tomographic image reconstruction
Abdellatif Moudafi and Hong-Kun Xu
A DC regularization of split minimization problems
C. O. S. Sorzano, J. L. Vilas, A. Jimenez-Moreno, J. Mota,\linebreak T. Majtner, D. Maluenda, M. Martinez, R. Sanchez, J. Segura, J. Oton, R. Melero, L. del Cano, P. Conesa, J. Gomez-Blanco,\linebreak Y. Rancel, R. Marabini, J. M. Carazo, J. Vargas and R. Marabini
Swarm optimization as a consensus technique for Electron microscopy initial volume
Alexander J. Zaslavski
Dynamical systems with a Lyapunov function on bounded metric spaces
   The 6th Asian Conference on
Nonlinear Analysis and Optimization
5-9 November, 2018 at Okinawa Japan
Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University
& ANA Intercontinental Manza Beach Resort


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